Home Shifting Services

Ultimate Guide For Home Shifting in India

Home shifting is one of the most essential services which is offered by movers and packers companies in India. When you get transferred to a different city, obviously you have to get all your essential household goods like TV, fridge, washing machines, kitchen utensils and other appliances packed and transported to that new city, its called domestic shifting in India. But when you just change your house while staying in same city, that’s called as local home shifting. Naturally home shifting (either local or domestic) is a complicated process that requires lots of efforts and expertise. Household goods have to be packed very carefully and then loaded on to a truck for safer transportation and relocation. Obviously it’s not going to be an easy ride for you unless you engage a professional service provider who can get it right.

Packing of household goods and appliances is just one part and then comes loading it in to a truck and getting it transported. Obviously depending on your needs and value of goods, you ought to buy insurance for your own safety. Further once your goods reach its destination, it has to be unloaded, unpacked and re-arranged in your new home after a successful home shifting.

Sounds like too much of work? It is. But fortunately there are packers and movers companies who offer affordable home shifting services in India. They take care of all of these activities which involves in shifting of a home along with all of your household goods and appliances.

Home Shifting Services

Here in this post you can learn about home shifting services by Movers and Packers companies in India. We’ll also talk about other related services like safe storage of household goods and other add-on services related with home relocation services that a mover and packer service provider can offer to you.

So are you ready to check them out? I heard you saying yes so dive deeper to get better understanding of services of movers and packers companies in India.

When should you hire a movers and packers company for home shifting service in India?

One of the most important questions that have to be asked is when to hire a movers and packers company for home shifting services in India? Answer is simple when you want to move some household goods and appliances that cannot be packed and moved of your own. Packing and shifting of household goods of any size and of any volume is possible. Whether you want to move all household from a 3 BHK apartment or whether you want to move just a few furniture and some essential home appliances, you should hire a movers and packers company to help you out.

Although, movers and packers companies in India offer packing and shifting of all types of goods and appliances, they cannot be of good use when you have a just a few items. For example when you want move just a few items like a small tea table, or just a mixer grinder from one city to another, then it’s going to be difficult for you to find a movers and packers service provider. Because movers and packers cannot move your goods using a national courier rather they will pack and move it following the same process that they otherwise follow.

At times, they take such single items from you, pack it properly and then get it transported using a shared truck which is going from your city towards the destination where you want to move. Movers and packers companies offer part shipment service, but that depends on circumstances and it may take longer than expected time. Again if you are moving from metro city to a metro city like from Bangalore to Pune or Mumbai then probability increases. But when you want to move from say Bangalore, Karnataka to say Bokaro in Jharkhand then I am really not sure if you can find a movers and packers company to move a single item.

Decoding the process of home shifting by movers and packers in India

Process of home shifting is straight forward if only you look at it from the eyes of a movers and packers company. No matter how complicated it sounds, but if you engage with a professionally managed movers and packer’s service provider then things can get much easier. Once you call a movers and packers company to get a quotation for home shifting services, here’s how the rest of process will look like.

Physical survey of household goods

It starts with survey where interested movers and packers service provider will visit your place and do physical survey of your goods and appliances for free. They will not charge you anything for doing survey because that the beginning of the process. Based on the results of physical survey, a movers and packers service provider will get fair idea of costs involved in packing, transporting and handling of your household goods.

Charges of home shifting and creating a schedule for packing

After surveying, movers will present you with an estimate which is fairly detailed. Right from cost of packing, transporting, loading, unloading, insurance, other miscellaneous costs like octroi and toll tax; they will give you a detailed itemized quotation.

Obviously you can discuss and negotiate with the movers and packers on various cost heads and charges. Also discuss with them and prepare a detailed schedule of packing, transporting, delivery etc. Once you agree with a movers and packers and finally decide to engage with them, you can schedule everything mutually and then begin the process of actual home shifting.

Process of packing of household goods

A team of packing experts and labors will visit your place on scheduled date and time to start packing your goods. They will pack each of the items in such a way that it can be transported and handed safely without any issues. Usually packers and movers companies have a supervisor who supervise the overall process from start to end, but you should also keep an eye and supervise the process to be sure that things are moving as expected or agreed.

Transit insurance is required for home shifting

Obviously insurance will be required before your goods are transported. Movers and packers companies can obviously help you in getting your goods insured before shifting. You can also buy insurance independently, but that should be your last option. It’s better to involve the mover who is handling the shifting process because they know the process better than you do. Secondly you may need their help especially at the time of claiming the insurance in case need arises.

Loading and transportation of household goods

Once packing is done and each of the boxes is labeled, immediate next step is to load everything in to the cargo truck. If your mover is offering you a door to door service then they will bring their own truck and load all of your goods in to the truck. But that’s only possible when you have full load of goods. In cases when you don’t have lots of items, then movers and packers companies will usually load your goods into a mini truck and transport it to their godown from where they will again load it all in to the main cargo truck and get it transported.

When you have lots of goods, it’s always better to opt for door to door service. In door to door home shifting process, all your goods are packed and loaded into a truck from your home and it is delivered again directly at your home (at destination). It’s generally safer than a part shipment method because once a truck is loaded and closed, it won’t be opened anywhere in between during transportation.

Unloading and re-arranging of goods: Final stage of home shifting

Once the truck in which goods are being transported reaches its destination, it has to be unloaded. Here I would like to tell you that all movers and packers companies may not have their own branch network across all cities in India. Neither it’s feasible for movers and packers to send labor with the truck. So how does unloading and unpacking works?

To address this concern of unloading, movers and packers companies have associates. So no matter which part of India you are coming from or in which part of India you are moving to, the mover who is offering you home shifting service, they will get your goods unloaded without any hassle.

But if you are moving from one metro to another metro city, then there is no hassle because most of the movers and packers companies have very closed associates across all major cities in India.

So when you are ready to finalize a movers and packers service provider, just ask them about unloading and ensure to take the number of executive or the contact person who is going to offer unloading services. Possibly you can talk to the executive and ensure that he is available to unload your goods once it reaches there.

Labor who will be unloading your goods will also help you in unpacking and re-arranging of items. Don’t assume that unpacking and re-arranging is a very easy to do thing. Trust me, it’s not. Even a little bit of mishandling can break your goods and also moving a fridge of your own may not be a good idea. So let them do it for you.

Other services of movers and packers related with home shifting

Packing and shifting of household materials and other appliances is one of the key services of packers and movers companies. But movers and packers companies also offer lots of other services like storage of household goods, furniture shifting, office shifting, industrial goods packing and moving, car transportation services and international shifting. I am planning to write detailed posts on each of these services. But since we are dealing with home sifting services in this post, let me give you some idea of storage of household goods.

Storage of household goods during home relocation

Life can put you in different circumstances and I believe that is for your own good. If you are moving out of country on a special project assignment for a period of six months or so then it’s not possible for you to get everything relocated for that period. If you are staying in a rented apartment even in that case it’s going to be an issue because you have to pay rents even if you are not staying there.

Fortunately, movers and packers companies in major cities can offer storage and warehousing services for storage of household goods in a safer place and at a very nominal rate. Storage of household goods in a safe and secured warehouse is one of the options that you may like to consider when moving out of town for a few months. One of the immediate advantage of storing your household goods in a storage facility is it’s safer. Secondly, it helps you save rent that you otherwise pay to your landlord.

At times even if you are saying in your home, when you are away for a few months and there is no one around to look after, it’s better to store everything in a safer storage facility than living your goods in your own home without any security guard.

Storage facility is available across all of the major cities in India. Most of the movers and packers companies offer storage and warehousing facilities. But before you decide to hire a storage space for storage of household goods, just make sure to do a full background check. Background checking is required because you should be assured that while you are away the service provider that you are hiring and trusting will actually remain in business. Also go and visit the space and see for yourself and 100% sure that the storage facility is 100% safe and it meets all security standards.

How to hire movers and packers for home relocation services in India

Home relocation is all about planning. If you have a plan in place, home relocation is going to be fun and exciting ride. But if you ignore planning and take things as it comes then there is high chance of ending up in a mess. As you know it’s a complete process which has several levels and at every level, every task is equally important. No matter how well your goods are packed, if it falls from the hand at the time of loading, then goods inside may get damaged, no? Similarly at the time of loading, if lighter boxes are placed at floor level and heavier items above it, then chances are that good will get damaged.

All I am trying to say is, in order to get your household goods packed and moved perfectly, you have to have a plan and act accordingly. First of all take a decision as to what kind of packers and movers is best suited to handle your home shifting needs.

Do you plan to move a car as well along with your household goods? If so then you should better find a movers and packers who offer both home and car shifting services. If it’s just about household goods, then you can go with domestic movers and packers companies who have sound presence and well trained team of executives for packing and labors to handle loading and unloading.

Once decided, next step is to talk to your friends to get recommendations of movers and packers companies. Dealing with movers and packers that has been recommended with someone you know or trust is better than dealing with a mover you simply don’t know.

Talk to multiple movers and packers companies even if a friend or a colleague has given you some recommendations. In movers and packers industry (especially in India) things changes faster that you could imagine. So when you compare a few potential home relocation service providers, you get better understanding of the process and also a fair idea of rates and charges of home shifting services along with terms and conditions. Based on your evaluation, take a decision.

While taking a decision you should remember that going with a mover who quotes you lowest price estimate is not always the best idea. Trust, reliability and quality are the keyword when you are handing over all of your precious household goods to an unknown relocation service provider. Be practical, be logical and take a decision using your own experience.

Over to you

Home shifting is not all about packing, loading, transporting and unloading. It’s more than that. Leaving a city where you stayed for long to a different city along with all of your household goods and appliances is not going to be easy. At times it’s going to sound like exciting and at other times, you will feel frustrated when movers and packers will not respond to your calls for a few hrs. Even a delay of single day in delivery will give you a sleepless night. But there is no need for you to worry. Just plan everything properly and know with whom you are dealing with. Always trust the best in the industry and trust only after you see substantial information to back any claim.

I will be happy to know about how you relocated your household goods and how do you think one can get best out of movers and packers companies when doing a domestic home shifting in India. Feel free to comment and share this post if you liked it. Earn some good karma for yourself in one click 🙂