Packing a house

A to Z of Shifting a House in India: Home Shifting Tips

Shifting a house in India from one locality to another is a hard task. Home shifting is actually a time consuming task that you would not like to do especially when you can hire a professionally trained house shifting service providers who can do it for you for a fee. It takes lots of effort in shifting a house in India, safely and cost effectively. But no matter how irritating and exhausting it could become, if you have a plan and you are determined to do it yourself then I am with you.  I am going to share some useful home shifting tips with you and I hope by the time you finish reading this post, you will be ready to take this challenge and move your goods safely.

So are you ready? Shall we start? Let’s start.

A to Z of Shifting a House in India

It’s fair to say home shifting is all about planning

We all are very busy with our hectic life but still it is our duty to fulfill each of the work with proper care and affection. Firstly make a plan. Making of a plan for any work is very necessary. Without it you can not proceed. Start planning at least one month before you wish to shift a house.

What to take and what to leave?

At first make a long list of things and number them. You can later on choose between the numbered things to be taken with you or to be left behind. Things which are not going to be packed can be sold before fifteen days of your scheduled moving date.

Packing materials are required for packing

For packing of your goods you must have plenty of packing materials e.g. moving boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, packing papers etc. It is better to first count all your goods and then buy the moving boxes, but you already know what is to be moved because you created the list.

But remember, it is safer to have extra boxes, because at the end you still have some left outs to carry. Having extra boxes doesn’t mean you have to buy it from market. You can surely use your old boxes. You can collect them from some grocery.

You have packing materials, so you can start packing now

For heavier things use moving boxes made up of thicker cardboard. You can use soft boxes for packing the fragile materials like a soft toy, pillow, winter ware, or any soft materials. One more thing which you have to do, you can easily utilize your pillow cover or blanket or left out of clothes to wrap the fragile items like precious jewels or glassware, vase and so on. After that you get them inside the boxes. Extra wrapping on the light items will protect them from any scratch or scar.

Label those boxes so that you can locate it easily

Make sure that while you are packing your goods you must label on the top and the sides of the boxes with name and description of your particular item you have kept inside. Suppose you have kept a costly showpiece in a box. Then you should write on the top “Costly Table lamp”. This will help you or the mover to give special attention while moving them. In fact during unpacking that the mover will be alert.

Moving electronics goods require some special treatments

Remember when you are moving any electronic device make sure that the main switch is off and your children shouldn’t stay inside. Because accidents never notify before coming to your way. The packing of electronic device should be done with subtle care and minute attention be it your washing machine or television.

Packing of furniture and kitchen utensils

Suppose you are packing your bed you first open each part of your bed.  You need to keep your screw drivers set ready for opening the parts. Keep a bag with you where you will put the nut bolts until you reach your new location and rearrange your bed again. Now bind the parts together and keep them together in the truck. Like this you can pack the other furniture too.

For packing your kitchen appliances you can definitely start with the bigger ones like big pots, plates or dishes. Sort out and assemble the similar looking things together. For example you can assemble or your spoons and forks and the flat knives together in one box. So when you will be rearranging your kitchen you don’t have to find where you have kept all your cutlery set.

Loading and transporting

As and when you are done with the entire packing next step is to get it all transported to your new home. At this stage you may like to get in touch with a mover or you can move it of your own by hiring a truck. You need a couple of labors too or you can your trucking company to provide labor and they will help you. But before you start transporting, you ought to insure your goods too.

Over to you

To shift a house to a new city will bring plenty of challenges. There would be some physical challenges and others will be mental. It’s not about just packing all of your goods and getting it transported. You are also going to leave behind your neighborhoods, friends, community etc. So just prepare yourself, your kids and family members mentally too. It’s a complicated process that has to be enjoyed, no matter in which situation you are. Everything may not fall exactly as planned. But just be double sure that you are ready to take up this challenge. If there is even a little bit of hesitation, then you should better hire a trustworthy home shifting service provider in your city. We can help you do so.