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Domestic Shifting from Pune: Here's a three step guide to get you started

Planning to shift your household goods from Pune but not sure where to start? Here's a three step guide to get you started and help you move in budget.

Packing and shifting of all your domestic goods and materials like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, kitchen utensils and Furniture may not be easy, especially when you are moving everything that you have in your sweet home. Obviously, it's not feasible for you to do all the packing yourself and find truck to get it all transported. It's neither possible nor safe, so you are left with the only option of hiring a reliable packers and movers service provider who offers domestic shifting services in Pune and nearby suburbs.

Although there are so many domestic packers and movers companies out there, it's going to be really difficult for you to take a decision because you cannot just hire any movers and packers service provider. You have to ensure by any means that the packers and movers company you are going to hire is actually reliable and capable of handling your relocation assignment.

So let's find out and build a strategy on how to get it right. Let's start.

Packing and Shifting of Household Goods and Appliances

Step 1: What is to be moved?

Car Relocation ServicesIts okay to approach packers and movers companies, but the very first thing that they need is list of goods that is to be packed and moved. Unless you tell them about at least 90% of goods, they may not be able to prepare an estimate for you. Different kind of goods requires different types of packing materials. Cost of packing materials and cost of labor that is going to pack your goods has to be considered while preparing an estimate.

So before approaching any packers and movers companies, you should get this list prepared. It's going to help you ensure that you have not left anything and for packers and movers companies, it will help them prepare more accurate estimate for you. Get it done now and then move to the next step.

Step 2: Find packers and movers and get tentative estimates

This is going to be the easiest of all. You could search for packers and movers companies in Pune on Google or on any other search engine that you use mostly. You can also ask your friends or colleagues for any referral. Referrals from someone you know are always better because you know that they have done some good work in the past, but its okay if you don't have one. You can easily find contact details of quite a few packers and movers companies in Pune because they are available all across the city.

While finding potential movers and packers companies, there are few things that you should keep in mind. Always try to find the best possible vendors in terms of their reach and company profile. Give preferences to private limited and certified companies, even if that costs a little more than what a mediocre company will quote you. It's not about how cheap vendors you get, it's more about getting your goods delivered on time and in safe and sound condition.

Since you already have the list of inventory, packers and movers companies should be able to give you tentative quotes quickly. Estimates at this stage need not be very accurate, but this is just to gather ideas and options so that you could evaluate everything and take a decision as you move forward.

Step 3: Compare, Evaluate, Negotiate and take decision

Moving ServicesNow as you have a few options on the table, it's time to look at everything and take a call. Start evaluating each of the offers that you have collected. Shortlist a couple of them who looks better than their peers and calls these vendors. If possible fix a face to face meeting so that they could see your goods in person and also meet you face to face. When they come, ask them for final quote and try to negotiate on rates, charges and payment terms.

Understanding payment terms is very important because most of the time, movers and packers companies would insist on 100% payment upfront, but you should try to keep it balanced and not do full payment in advance, never. Secondly, ensure that there are no hidden costs what so ever and if possible make payments by cheque or via account transfer, avoiding cash payments is always better.

It's your turn now

I hope this post will help you get started in no time. But if you are still unsure and don't feel like making all those searches, then simply post your domestic shifting requirements by completing this quote request form to receive instant calls from three of the best movers in Pune. Rest of the process can be followed quite easily.

There is no hard and fast rule or guideline for safe and affordable shifting. Just try to be practical and look at everything quite carefully. After all it's your goods and there are lots of emotions and memories attached with them. So just do a little bit of cross check, do some negotiation and win.

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