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Searching for Home Movers in Mumbai? Here's how to do it right

Are you planning to move your household goods from Mumbai and searching for home movers in Mumbai? If yes, then do you really know how to get it right especially when there are so many packers and movers companies and almost all of them are claiming to offer great affordable and reliable home moving services?

I would request you to just think again!

Home Shfting ServicesHome shifting is a complicated task and different types of shifting require different kind of expertise. For example if you want to move all your household goods and articles from one locality in Mumbai to another locality then you would require services of a local packers and movers company in Mumbai.

But when you wish to move your household goods and articles from Mumbai to a different city like Bangalore, Delhi or Hyderabad then you have to hire a domestic movers and packers service provider in Mumbai.

That's just one example to illustrate how different shifting requirements require different service provider. While searching and hiring a movers and packers service provider is not a big deal on the internet, it definitely requires some planning and understanding to get it right.

Often people make this mistake and they end up hiring wrong service provider and even pay more for the task that could have been done better by hiring right moving company.

Tired while Packing Goods before Shifting Here in this post, I am going to talk about how to choose and hire professional packers and movers service provider by spending less time and money.

Are you ready to go?

Know what you need: Local and Domestic shifting are two different things

Usually there is an assumption that all packers and movers companies offer both local and domestic shifting services, but that's not true. There are a few moving companies who are exceptions and they offer all types of packing, moving and storage services including home, car and bike shifting, but such packers and movers companies are limited.

Mostly these movers and packers companies will either specialize in local shifting service or they might be offering domestic shifting services. It's is really important to understand which packers and movers company is best suited to handle your shifting requirements.

How do you know whether you need a local mover or a domestic home mover?

It's easy to find; when you are moving within the city or within the radius of 150Kms or so, you should go with a specialist local packers and movers service provider. But when distance between source and destination is more than 150Kms, you should go with a domestic home mover. It's that easy.

But why do you need to decide anyways, you may ask? Because if you end up hiring a domestic mover for local shifting requirements then you may have to pay more and if you hire a local packers and movers for domestic shifting then you may be risking safety of your goods.

Now, when you know this difference, it's time to decide whether you need a local mover or domestic packers and movers and proceed to the next step.

Search for Movers and Packers and gather information about them

When you know what types of packers movers companies you would require, you could easily search for them on the internet. Typically use search terms like 'domestic packers and movers in Mumbai' if you are searching for domestic movers and 'local packers and movers companies in Mumbai' when you are searching for local home movers in Mumbai.

Feel free to refine these keywords and start contacting these service providers. Best way to approach these movers and packers companies would be to make calls, because most of them may not be that much active in checking emails and responding. Telephone still rocks specially in packers and movers industry in India.

You may start calling these movers and tell them your requirements to get tentative estimates over the phone itself. Note their name, number, rates etc on a paper so that you could compare and evaluate it all later.

If all of this looks too much of work then you may post your shifting requirements on this platform to receive call back from three of the best home movers in next 15 minutes.

While talking to these movers and packers companies, you should try to gather all vital information about their company and process like do they have their own fleet, trained manpower, service tax registration etc. Obviously you also need to find rates and charges and about their payment terms.

Once you have gathered this information, it's time to move to the next step.
Compare their rates and profile to reach a decision

Packing ServicesSince you have discussed your shifting requirements with multiple companies, it's time to put all these data to use. Start evaluating each of the of these house moving companies. Compare each of them against each other, both in terms of charges and credentials.

Since you have multiple options and fair idea of the process and costs, it should not be hard for you to take a decision.

But let me tell you that decision should not be purely based on rates, but it should be based on overall evaluation of everything. Right from price to payment terms to expertise and experience, everything is equally important.


Planning and proper screening is key to safe and secure shifting of household goods. Never take a decision out of compulsion. There are so many options available to you. So go ahead, evaluate, compare and choose the best movers and packers service provider who fits your need better than anyone else.

Over to you

Comparing rates and evaluating multiple service providers will give you enough idea about the overall process of packing and shifting. It's always better to hire movers and packers based on substantial information. In fact the whole idea of hiring a mover is to get your goods packed and moved in safe condition.

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