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Searching for Domestic Packers and Movers in Mumbai?

Domestic shifting is way too complicated in comparison with local shifting so there is no way to get it right without hiring a professionally managed packers and movers service provider who specialize in offering domestic shifting services around Mumbai and it's suburbs.

But did you know that searching such packers and movers in Mumbai may not be all that easy as it appears. Why you may ask?

Because finding list of domestic packers and movers may not be all that hard, but unless you screen and verify their credentials, there is high chance of ending up hiring a mediocre service provider and I am sure you don't want that? After all, you are putting all this effort to ensure that you engage the most reliable as well as affordable packers and movers service provider? Aren't you?

There are so many things that have to be checked before you take your final call and decide to hire a mover. You have to ensure that the movers and packers you are zeroing in is actually capable and experienced enough to get your goods packed and delivered in safe and timely manner to its destination. Secondly, you have to ensure that you are not paying more than fair charges for such kind of shifting? Isn't it so?

So are you ready? Let's start then.

Packing and Moving your home

Domestic Shifting and Local Shifting are two different things

Car Relocation ServicesAlmost all of the packers and movers companies offer same set of services like packing and shifting of household goods, transportation of car, storage services, office shifting and pet moving. But if you dive deeper, then all these services are different and all packers and movers companies may not be offering all of these services. Some of the movers may offer car transportation, but may not help you in moving your pets. Others may be offering local shifting of household goods and office, but no car transportation and domestic goods shifting services. Storage is almost common and most of the movers and packers companies offer storage services, especially in mega cities i.e. metro and state capital cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi etc.

Broadly you can divide packers and movers companies in two different categories e.g. Domestic packers and movers who offer domestic shifting services and local packers who also offer packing and shifting services but usually within the radius of 150 kms to 160 Kms.

Some time when you have lots of goods (which they call full load in their language) then a domestic mover may also help you and get your goods packed and moved, but if the distance is less like within 10-15 kms, then most of the time they won't be able to help you.

So be clear and approach specific packers and movers companies depending on your requirements. Since we are talking about domestic shifting services in Mumbai, I am going to keep this post limited to domestic shifting. I will write a separate post about local shifting within Mumbai sometime soon.

Explore your contacts and find referrals of good movers and packers companies

Today, we are living in a very connected world. One simple tweet or a single Facebook or Google plus update could make all the difference. So don't hesitate to ask your friends or followers for any suggestion. They may now a trustworthy and affordable packers and movers company who offer shifting service from Mumbai or nearby suburbs.

Approaching a mover from reference may give you that extra confident of them being better than their peer. But you may not be right with such assumption. Every single assignment is different so even if you are being referred to a movers and packers service provider, you should ensure from your end that they are good and equipped enough to take care of your assignment.

Also try searching for them on the internet. In mega cities like Mumbai, you can quickly find a long list of movers and packers. But unfortunately you cannot make any decision yet, unless you screen their credentials feel satisfied.

You may also use this exclusive platform to get matched with human verified movers and packers companies in just one click, for free.

Not just second opinion, take third opinion too

They say when not sure, there is no harm in taking second opinion.

I would say, why just second opinion, take third opinions as well. It does not cost anything more than a few minutes of your precious time, of course time is precious and it matters, but not more than safety of your goods.

Pet Moving Services Ideally, you should talk to three or four packers and movers companies. As you discuss with multiple service providers, you will know the finer details of the process and also get the opportunity to know those service providers better. Gather information 'from them and ask all sorts of questions that's in your mind like what's the process of claiming insurance, how long does it take to deliver goods, what's their payment terms and so on. Gather all types of information and ask as many questions that you may have.

Compare, evaluate and take a decision now

Do some basic comparison among all option that's you have and choose the top two companies and eliminate others. Talk to these companies and try to negotiate on price now and see if they have any offer for you. Once you have final figures from them, it's time to take final call. Evaluate each of the offers carefully and go with a mover and packer who looks impressive from their other peers.

Over to you

No doubt, searching, screening and hiring movers and packers take some extra effort, but trust me every second of your precious time is worth it. It's about safe and timely delivery of your goods and that's only possible when you employ the best team and highly professional packers and movers service provider. If you hire someone randomly without verifying anything, then that could cost you more both mentally and financially.

Packers and movers industry in India is still unorganized, so it's better to explore few of the best options and then reach a conclusion. We are doing our bit and trying to build an exclusive platform to help you find best movers and packers in Mumbai and across all other cities in India, without any cost and efforts to you.

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