Household Goods Moving

Shifting Household Goods? 5 Ways of Ending in a Mess

Just because you hired a movers and packers service providers who claims to be the best in moving household goods, you think that all is done and your goods will be packed and delivered on time? Think again, seriously. When it’s about safety of your goods, even a small human error could cost you. So right from finding movers and packers companies to move your household goods, to looking after each and every process that your mover is going to carry will be crucial.

But you know what, if you know the process and pay some attention you can easily avoid getting in to a mess. Are you making some of these mistakes? Let’s check it out.

Shifting Household Goods

1. Not preparing a list of household goods for shifting

Whether you like it or not, you should have a detailed list of all of the household goods to kitchen utensils, everything listed on a paper before you do anything else. When you have a detailed list of all of the goods, you can plan rest of the process. After taking a good look on this list of household goods for packing and moving you can find answers of some these questions

  • Do you really need a movers and packers to pack and move these items?
  • Can’t you pack and move it all for yourself?
  • If not, what kind of packers and movers company should be hired for packing and shifting of these household goods?
  • Is there anything that needs special packing like a portrait painting of your great grandfather or anything which is too precious and must be protected at any costs?

Apart from getting answer for these questions, when you have a list, you can present that to the potential movers and packers companies and ask them quote you accordingly. If you ask a mover to give you quotations based on just a few bigger items, then that quotation may not be accurate and movers and packers that you plan hire can charge you more. And they have a reason to do so because they never anticipated that list will grow randomly during the process. That’s a how a mess is created. So just check, are you heading towards such mess?

2. Hiring movers for household goods shifting without recommendations

As you know, packers and movers are seasoned professionals who can pack and move your household goods safely within a predefined timeline. But does that mean just any movers and packers can do so? Do you know how many complains and bad reviews are being shared on various complains boards and review portals on the internet on a daily basis?

Obviously, you cannot doubt one and all service providers for the mess that a few shady service providers are creating, but then you have to be a little cautious when hiring a removal company for shifting of household goods, furniture and other miscellaneous items.

So what’s the best way to find and hire trusted and reliable packers and movers companies, you may ask? Answer is pretty simple. Hire movers and packers based on recommendations from your friends, colleagues or an exclusive portal like this one. Also no matter from where you are getting your recommendations, ultimate decision should be made by yourself and that too after proper screening and verification. You can’t afford to go with what is being said by them (the movers and packers in question). You have to verify them well and be sure that they are what they claim to be.

Do you plan to do that or go with any mover coming your way from nowhere?

3. Trusting verbal commitments of packers and movers companies

One of the most common mistake that you may not you are making is trusting verbal commitments of packers and movers companies or any service provider for that matter. Why not put everything on paper instead of trusting anything verbal? It won’t take a minute for them to deny such commitment when situation arises. So right from price to delivery timeline, quality of packing materials, to anything else; everything has to be documented on quotation. This also means, you are not supposed to make payments in cash. Only pay using cheque and that too in the name of the firm. Do you trust verbal commitments of movers when moving a house or a car?

4. Ignoring transit insurance when shifting household goods

Insurance as we all know is a necessity, not an optional thing to have and when it’s about packing and shifting of household goods; you can’t afford to ignore insurance. That whole idea of screening and hiring the best movers will be of no use if anything goes wrong and you don’t have any insurance to claim. Who know what will happen during the transportation? No one and insurance is going to help you in such circumstances. Are you planning to save some rupees by not insuring your household goods before moving? Give it a second thought.

5. Not having contact numbers of key executives at loading and unloading point

Imagine you are waiting for the mover to come and start packing. Waiting since morning and they didn’t turn up till 12 noon? What can you do now? Calling mobile number of supervisor is of no use because he is unreachable? Do you have any other alternate number of the key contact person of the movers and packers company where you can speak in such situation? If not ask for a number that can be called in case of emergency.

Similarly, your goods were supposed to reach its destination in 7th day, but it has not reach there even on 8th day? What is to be done now? Do you have any contact number of the local branch or associate’s contact number?  You may not require and I sincerely hope a situation like this never happen, but still keeping yourself prepared is not a bad idea. Give it a thought.

Over to you

It happens at times when we don’t feel like paying attention to small things like what we have discussed above and fortunately, most of the time we get through without any hassle an issues. But a mistake is a mistake, does not matter whether it affect you or not. So just be ready and alert and double check to ensure that you are not committing any mistake that may end up you in a mess while moving your household goods.

Do you know about any such mistake that one should better avid when shifting household goods? Let me know by commenting below.