Packing of fragile items

10 Things to Remember when Packing Kitchen Items

Packing kitchen items for moving it without involving a packers and movers service provider is not going to be easy. Most of the kitchen appliances are fragile in nature and it must be packed very carefully before you move it. I am sure you are literally scared to pack these kitchen items because you want to ensure that it can be moved without any damage. Kitchen utensils are usually of different shapes and types like glass, china, fiber etc. Some of them are there lying needlessly on the shelf, possibly you have forgotten about them and these items may require proper cleaning before you pack them. Packing Kitchen ItemsBut packing of kitchen utensils and appliances should not be all that complicated because if you know how to do it right, you can pack them well for moving. Here in this post I am going to share 10 useful things that you should focus on when packing kitchen items for moving during a home shifting in India.

So are you ready to go? Here’s the list of things to remember.

  1. To make it simple while packing kitchen items, first of all assemble all of your utensils together.
  2. Now discriminate bigger ones from the smaller utensils and keep the bigger ones to a different side.
  3. Now after discriminating them you are getting your smaller utensils together. Specify the similar looking things together like spoons and forks, similar looking cups jugs etc. Now wrap them with bubble wrap or paper and then surely bind them with strong plastic tapes.
  4. After packing the smaller things you can pack the knives, cutters, spoons and other smaller/sharp items. For packing the cutters and knives use packing paper and bubble wraps for extra safety.
  5. Now you will pack the bigger utensils of the kitchen. Make sure they are cleaned and washed. In a same way wrap the utensils with paper or bubble wrap and close the wrapping but pasting the packing tape.
  6. After packing all the utensils you are having your gas oven or stove to pack. You must not carry filled cylinder. Because some times you can have your cylinders leaked while moving. So it’s better to vacate it.
  7. Your gas oven should be cleaned properly before packing it properly. Use flat kind of moving box for packing each of the parts with extra care. There are small knobs on the oven which can be lost if you don’t pay attention.
  8. Now your micro oven, another very important good of your kitchen. First unplug it and keep it aside. I hope you have the proper box exactly of the same size of the oven. Clean it properly before wrapping it and getting it inside the box. Plastic tape is again a very important thing to bind the box properly.
  9. Remember after packing each of your utensils you have to write names with color pens on the top and the sides of the packing box. This is called labeling. It’s a good idea to write good and informative labels and instructions like open it first or essentials, cusps inside and so on. properly labeled boxes will help you immensely while unpacking and you can locate items/boxes quite easily.
  10. Last but not the list all the racks and shelves of your kitchen should be cleaned properly. Then you wrap them with bubble wrap or old left out cotton cloths and bind them with rope.

That’s pretty much all you should know about packing your kitchen utensils and other kitchenware.

Over to you

The one and only objective of not hiring a movers and packers to do all of the packing and shifting when moving a house is to save money. At least that’s what I would like to believe and there is no reason to not do so. But remember, by not hiring a movers and packers you have definitely saved some rupees. But if these kitchen items are not packed properly then it may get damaged during transportation or while loading and unloading. And that ultimately will create a bigger mess and cost you more.

Give it a serious thought, use some good quality packing materials available in the market. Always think practically when packing and ensure that whatever is being packed is packed in such a way that it can be transported safely to your new house.

What is that one challenge you think you faced while packing your kitchen items for moving?