MPQuotes: Changing the way you hire Packers and Movers in India aka MPQuotes is an exclusive platform where consumers get the liberty to compare rates and profiles of multiple Packers and Movers service providers in one click. We are kind of bridging the gap between innocent consumers and efficient Packers and Movers service providers across more than 250 cities in India.


What’s the Problem that we at MPQuotes are solving?

Ideally, when you plan to shift your home or your car or when you are looking to find a storage facility in your city, it all starts with a search. You start asking your friends, your HR managers, scan through newspapers and most frequently you start searching for Packers and Movers service providers in your city on the internet.

What’s wrong with that, you may ask.

Nothing wrong, except you waste so much of your time in making searches and finding contact details, followed by chasing movers and packers companies to find our rates and charges of home shifting or car transportation or storage facilities as per your need.

Even if you put your best effort, usually you don’t have enough of substantial information available on those yellow pages and movers and packers directory websites and you start playing ‘akkar bakkar bumbay bow’ and choose someone randomly without verifying their credentials and or rates.

Result, you either end up hiring a mediocre service provider or you end up paying more than the fair price or both, in most cases. Searching movers and calling them individually takes lots of your time and as you show the need of urgency, they tend to dominate the negotiation and overall discussion. What do you think; do you do it differently?

How do we bridge this gap at MPQuotes?

We understand packing and shifting industry and know how it operates and so we decided to build a platform where the king (customers) meets the Service Providers (Movers) with just one click.

We started identifying and enlisting some of the most efficient, affordable and trustworthy service providers from all across India on this platform so that we could connect consumers with these service providers in one click.

You want to find a professionally managed packers and movers service provider who could help you in packing and shifting of your household goods or get your car transported. You wish to compare rates, do negotiation, verify credentials and then after evaluating everything, you wish to hire one who is able to impress you with their offering.

You can do all this on MPQuotes in minutes and for free.

It all starts with a simple click. As you submit your packing and shifting requirements by completing the free quote request form on our platform, your requirements get registered.

Our back-end team then verifies your requirements and forwards it to already verified and enlisted shifting service providers who are going to call you back to understand your requirements and give you a tentative estimate or rates for shifting and relocation from your city.

Once you have finished talking with all three service providers, then you can compare them against each other, evaluate their credentials and offers and take a decision.

If you evaluate properly and do good negotiation, you could save as much as up to 30% on your overall shifting and relocation costs. And above all you get the assurance and sense of satisfaction that you have evaluated all possible options and then only taken a decision.

How do we Enlist Packers and Movers Companies on our Network?

We prefer to enlist service providers who are credible and we have grown our network based on referrals by other service providers. One fact that not many of you may be aware of is this packers and Movers Industry is dominated by people from Punjab and Haryana and if you get to speak with three to five companies, you will come to know that most of them know each other and they are relative in some way. One service provider usually introduces others and that’s how we expand our reach.

But that’s not the only way. Usually when service providers approach us, we investigate about their company and also request them to submit some documents. We also do random check on their quality and take feedback from customers to ensure they are meeting their quality policy as claimed at the time of enlisting and joining our network.

Over to you now

Whether you are a consumer looking to find rates and charges of packers and movers service providers for household shifting, car transportation or storage services, if you are unsure and want to explore some of the best possible options then just post your shifting and relocation requirements and we will get you started in next 15 minutes, before you finish your coffee.

If you own or work for a packers and movers companies and want to offer shifting and relocation services to consumers on our network then simply call +919831329628 or drop a line at and we will get back to you in no minutes.

We also share lots of useful home shifting tips, advice and infographics on our platform that can help you in many ways. We are committed to help you make better decision when it comes to home shifting and relocation.

Feel free to share your views, feedback and ideas on what else we could do to make it better and bigger in all respect.