after the shifting

Moving to a New House? Here’re the essential things to do

Enough has been written about how to pack and move your household goods safely. We have published so many checklists, how to tips and what not. But this post is going to be very different because it’s less about to shift and more about how to prepare and what is to be done to ensure your new home is ready for you to move and get settled in.

There are hell lots of things that you will be taking care of. Right from finding movers and packers to organizing and scheduling everything and finally getting your goods transported and delivered to your new house. But there are certain essential things that should be looked in to before you start unpacking and settling down in your new sweet home. Here in this post I am going to talk about those essential things. So are you ready? Let’s get to the point then.

How to settle down in your new house after moving

Lock of the main door

First thing first; start with the locks. Replacing lock of the main door with your own lock is the very first thing that you should be doing. I am not quite sure if you are moving to a newly built house where no one has stayed ever, but just reminding you to ensure that no one else should have the keys.

Essential utility and supplies

Arranging essential utilities like gas, electricity, water etc is of highest importance. In India, you can easily transfer your LPG gas connection from one city to another city. It may take some time, but it’s doable and you can do that quite easily. In fact I heard you can even do portability of service provider which gives you even more advantage.

Similarly, check for electricity and water supply. In some of the mega cities, water scarcity is really high during summer, so know in advance where to get water from especially drinking water.

Setting up Rooms in your house

Depending on whether it’s furnished or semi furnished house, you may have to do some work like painting and cleaning. Since you are about to settle down, take it as a good opportunity to get it done. Once you start unpacking, getting paining and cleaning done may not be that easy. So get it all done while your rooms are empty.

You may wish to clean all of the rooms in your house. Right from floor to ceiling, bathrooms to kitchens everything that require cleaning should be done properly before you start unpacking. Get rid of any junk or garbage if any and prepare your room for unpacking now.

Another important thing that you should check is your windows. Carefully look and ensure that all window glasses are perfect and that there is no need to replace any. If replacement is required, get that done.

Call a carpenter to help you if needed, usually they come handy to help you in hanging paintings, clocks, curtain etc. Check carefully, if needed, find one and get it done.

Unpacking and re-arranging your goods and appliances

Once these checks and preparations are over, you are good to start unpacking. Place all packed boxes according to the room that they belong to before unpacking them. You may like to measure your room size and plan accordingly.

Start unpacking individual boxes and arrange them according to your plan. Unpack each box and once you are done, you can start unpacking and assembling your larger size furniture like bed, table and chairs. Furniture may take lots of your space, so it’s better to unpack them at the end. But there is no hard and fast rule because it very much depends on your specific circumstances and needs. For example, if you have a baby, then you may like to unpack and setup a bed for them to rest while you manage other tasks.

Over to you

Home shifting is fun, can’t say that with confidence because it requires lots of planning, coordination and efforts. You may feel excited because you are moving to a new house and at other times you may feel irritated when the packers and movers is not responding to your phone calls. You may be happy to get in to your new home and may feel bad about leaving your current house. I mean you will be going through different circumstances.

So take some rest, give some serious thoughts and plan everything well in advance to get it all right. If you hire packers and movers companies then I am sure they will help you through the process, but that does not mean you should not be supervising everything. Pay attention to everything to relocate safely.