Moving to a house versus moving to an apartment

Moving to a house versus moving to an apartmentWhile you are relocating from one place to another, you have to shift your whole living space to a new space, an unfamiliar and completely new place. If you are moving form an apartment in to a new house then it is an upgrade, your situation has improved and you are now moving to a more advantageous position, whereas if you are moving from a house to an apartment the situation can be lot more different. In this post I am going to talk about the difference between moving to a house Vs moving to an apartment.

Moving to a House Vs an apartment

In this post, I have mentioned various points on the basis of which you can understand which is better for you, house or apartment.

  • Availability of space: The area of the place is the major difference between the house and apartment. The house will give you large space, with parking lot, garage and garden, the house , whatever the size is, will be shared solely by you and your family. No other family will encroach in your property, it’s totally yours. On the other hand, the apartment will offer you limited and confined space, and you cannot undergo construction on your own as that will be illegal, against the law. The apartment will consist of your rooms, but the building will be booked by several different families, it will be more like a community.
  • Amenities: The amenities of the house and apartment will differ a bit, and you must consider your lifestyle in this respect. If you have several cars and pets and big family then house is a better option. Here you will get your own personalized property. In apartment you will get amenities like community halls for hosting events and occasions, swimming pool, gym and yoga centers etc. If your family is in all in these things, then hiring an apartment can be useful.
  • Expense: The utility bills of the house will be much more than that of the apartment. In case of house, you have to pay the gas, water, electricity bills, cleaning facilities etc. Whereas in case of apartment, the expense is shared, you do not have to bear the expense of the major families alone. There are several other families as well living in the same flat or apartment.
  • Chance of remodeling: In case of house, you have the full right to remodel or renovate the house as the property belongs to you, and you can do whatever you want. You can construct some more rooms, you can paint the walls, you can change the layouts and designs, may be designing a big dining hall by breaking the walls between two rooms. You are free to do anything. But in case of apartment, you cannot change the design, you cannot remodel or renovate the design and layout of each apartment in the community or complex is almost the same, in some variations in dimensions. You have to be satisfied with whatever design or structure is already there.
  • Need of privacy: You are the one to decide about the need of privacy. If you prefer a private and personal life, then house is the best option. If you are social and kind of flexible in nature, then you can move to a apartment. In apartment, you can find many other families like you living in the adjacent rooms, you can sometimes hear the sounds from other rooms as well. The living in the apartment is not that private in nature.
  • Location: The apartments are generally located in convenient location, near to the transportation facilities, and other business areas like offices and IT hub. But houses are located in more interior places. Apartments are constructed in places from where you can avail all the basic needs like markets and shops, hospitals, schools, banks, offices. But this may not be the case in regard to the house.
  • Security: I think staying in apartment is more secure. There is round the clock security in the apartments, there are security guards placed near the entrance gates of the complex. There are other families living beside you, in case of any emergency you can always seek help from your neighbors. But, in case of house, there are no security guards generally, and there can be distances between one house to another.


Now that you have read the points in my post, you are aware of pros and cons of both the house and apartment. You must assess your priorities and needs well before you move to a new place. I hope I could portray you the scenario of moving to house versus moving to an apartment!