Household Packing and Shifting

How to Unpack After Moving to a New House

Home shifting is a complicated process, right from searching packers and movers to finally hiring one to handle packing and shifting requires lots of patience and attention. Even if there are many essential processes in a typical home shifting, unpacking is one of the most difficult and tiring process. Let me tell you why I think so; because generally you are excited enough during packing and shifting because you are moving to a new home. You are also excited because there is high chance of shifting to a better and a bigger home. While packing all your essentials goods and articles, no matter how much attention you pay, there are chances of putting something in a box and then struggling to find it.

Also you are likely to feel tired after going through exhaustive process of packing and moving to your new home. Packers and movers companies also offer unpacking and rearranging services, but some time you feel like doing it yourself and save some extra rupees.

Here in this post, I am going to help you through the process and let you know how to unpack after moving to a new house. Following a proper sequence that is essential to non-essential will always be great, but you should not restrict yourself to this list exactly in same order because each relocation is different and so are your priorities and circumstances.

Unpacking and re-arranging

So are you ready? I heard you saying yes, so let’s start.

1. Cleaning

Whether you are moving to new home that you purchased recently or you are moving to a rented apartment where someone was leaving earlier, you should get your home cleaned. It’s obvious your new home require cleaning before you start the process because you won’t like to keep those dusts in your home. So get your home cleaned before you start unpacking. I heard you saying that you will be cleaning your new home after unpacking, that’s okay so you should be prepared to do it twice.

2. Unpack essential goods and tools first

Essential goods are those that you need immediately, so locate the box in which you have packed essential items like first aid box, soap, shampoo, handyman tool box etc first. You would need them very often, so do unpack them first.

3. Kitchen Utensils and other essential goods

Once you finished unpacking essentials, it’s time to setup kitchen because you need glass to drink water, milk for your baby and obviously some food for your tummy. So go ahead and try to setup your kitchen now. Just remember one thing that while unpacking a room, you don’t require doing it in full; partial unpacking is good enough and there are no issues with that. You can turn back and finish unpacking that part later as required. Make sure to arrange drinking water whether you buy it from outside or you want to install water purifier etc.

4. Washroom

Setting up your bathroom should be next in your list. Unpack your bathroom accessories like bucket, mugs, soaps, shampoo, detergents etc. Washroom may require some cleaning but you can do that moving forward. Check your shower and other points and make sure all is working fine and if not, get it restored.

5. Bedroom

Once these essentials are setup, it’s time to setup bedroom. Unpack and arrange kid’s bedroom first and then your own master bedroom so that if needed your kids can go to sleep while you unpack and setup your bedroom.

First thing that you should do is setup your bed, put bedding and bed sheets, followed by curtains, pillows, night lamp, side table etc. I am sure you have lots of clothes that have to be unpacked, but you can hold on unpacking your clothes until you unpack all other boxes. If required, unpack essential clothes, but setup your wardrobe at the end.

6. Dining Halls

Setting up dining hall should be easy because you have already unpacked your kitchen goods including utensils and rockeries. If not, do it now. After all you can’t work all day long without having a peaceful meal. So get started now and place your dining table and chairs followed by other goods on the table.

7. Setup Home Appliances

So basically, by now you have finished unpacking and arranging the most frequently used rooms and goods. It’s time to go one step up and place your home appliances in respective places like washing machine, fridge, television, mixer grinder etc. At least unpack them and place them at their suitable place for now.

8. Arrange Guest Room

Since basic setup is over now, it’s time to setup guest room (other rooms). Again follow same sequence that is setting up bed, curtains, side table, chairs, tea table etc. You may setup this room in phases, so no hurry.

9. Time to get Decorative now

By now, you have almost sorted all of your rooms and other essentials. It’s time for you to unpack your decorative items like paintings, flower pots and other miscellaneous decorative pieces. Start decorating your home.

10. Unpack everything else

I am sure you are still not done and there are other goods that are still packed like shoes, clothes or anything else. So start unpacking rest of your box and arrange them slowly. This is the last step of unpacking process and you should look after each and every box, open it and arrange them as they fit n your new home.

Over to you

Unpacking requires lots of attention and care because even a little bit of mishandling could cost you badly. So be careful and follow a sequence that is unpacking essentials first and move as per the priority. There is no hurry so it’s okay to do it in part.

And if you are planning to shift your home and searching for a packers and movers company who could help you with packing, shifting, unpacking and re-arranging then we can help you get started as well. Simply post your relocation requirements and we will match you with three of the best movers in town, from anywhere in India.

If you have relocated in recent time and have some tips and ideas to share on how to unpack and re-arrange home after moving to a new home, please feel free to share with us by commenting below.