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How to Pack and Load Furniture in a Truck for Moving

Are you planning to pack and move to a different city with all your household Goods like Furniture, Home Appliances and all other materials? While packing and loading of small items or something that can be packed within a box is simple, but packing your furniture require lots of planning and expertise.

You may have furniture that can be disassembled and others are fixed. Like these days we have computer table that can be very much opened, folded, and packed inside a BAG, but it may not be possible for a big Showcase or a Wardrobe.

So packing these furniture and loading it in good order is very important else these furniture may get damaged and it may also damage other cartoon/boxes while in transit.

Start by that furniture that you think can be disassembled and again can be assembled when it reaches your new home. Packing this kid of furniture is easy. Use bubble warp or thick cardboard to avoid any scratch etc

For furniture that can’t be disassembled, you have to wrap it well to protect itself and to protect your other goods. As when you load it in the truck, it may damage other boxes or materials. Once you have wrapped it properly, you are ready to load it on the moving truck.

While Loading such heavy weight and large furniture, you should start by placing these at the extreme inside corner, almost touching the drivers cabin. Arrange such furniture in such a way that weight is balanced side by side on the moving truck.

You may put mattresses on top it to save space in your moving truck. You may also put mattresses, pillows, sofa cushions etc in sides to protect it and avoid scratch. If you have bubble materials, then use them to protect its side.

If you are hiring a packers and movers, then they will take care of these issues, but still you should supervise that they have done it properly.

Over to you

have you moved furniture in recent time? What do you think is important ?