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How to do Car Transportation with Car Transporters

Car Transportation or car relocation is the process of shifting your car from one city to another. Shifting could be within India or abroad (International car shipping and transportation). I am limiting this post to car transportation within India and going to talk about the process, costs and many other things. If you are planning to shift your car from one city to another, within India then read through.

Car is probably one of the most precious belonging and you are very much attached to it. You cannot tolerate even a little bit of scratch on the body of your car. Isn’t it? I know it is. So when you plan to shift your car and distance between your city and the destination is way too much, then you should hire a car transporter (car transportation service provider company).


But if you simply search on Google, you will find there are hundreds of car transporter and car relocation companies out there. But when it comes to hiring one of these car transportation companies, you have to analyze them well and understand the entire process well. When you know the process of car transportation, it’s going to be really easy and simple enough to know which car carrier company looks better for your requirements.

Car transportation requires special attention and right from loading to transporting and unloading, everything must be done very carefully to ensure your car is delivered at your, safely.

Even a small scratch can make it worse. So it’s very important that you hire the best possible car relocation company for shifting of your Car. Only a special car transporter would know how to delver it safely. So always go with the best car transportation company.

How does the car transportation process look like?

  • Car transporter will sign a contract with you and schedule a date for picking up your car.
  • On the scheduled date of pickup, or just before the pickup date, car transporter will come and survey your car.
  • After surveying your car for any existing damage or leakage, they will prepare an inspection report for you.
  • You have to check the report carefully and inspect your car as well and then sign the document.
  • This document will work like a proof of existing condition of your car.
  • Next step is to pickup the car and get it transported. So a representative of car transporter will come to your place and take the car from you.
  • They will load the car in a car carrier and get it transported to the destination.
  • After reaching the destination, the car transporter will handover your car to you or to your representative.
  • Its your duty to inspect your car well and make sure its in the same condition as it was before pickup and that it matches the inspection report you signed.

That’s pretty much sums up the process of car transportation by car carrier and relocation companies.

Now there are a few more things to understand. Usually there are two types of Car Carrier (trucks), open and fully closed. Fully closed vehicle is better than the open one because if your car is transported in a fully closed vehicle, then chances of safety are way more than the open vehicle. But it may cost a little more, but that should not be an issue for a car owner (lover).

Car transportation cost depends on several factors like distance between source and destination, Geographical location of the destination, what kind of vehicle you want to shift, what kind of truck you wish to use (open or closed) and so on.

Marketplace is full of car transportation companies and you have to do all kind of research before signing the agreement with a car transporter.

To begin with you can start by searching for car carriers in your city on Google. You can easily find long list of car carriers and transporters in your city or town. Just check a few of them, look at their website, check for reviews and feedback on different website, make calls and meet them.

Start communicating with three for car transporters and as you know about them, you can filter out those who do not meet your expectations. Ask them all types of questions like what if car get damaged, how do they load the car, can you track the movement of the vehicle, what about insurance, what about the process of insurance claim and so on.

While discussing these commonly asked queries and concerned, you may also negotiate with them on the cost of transportation. By this time, you will have enough information about these companies and you will be in a better position to take a decision.

And to conclude let me tell you that cost of car transportation are really important, but that should not limit you to hire the best car transporter. Always go with the best.

Have you shifted your car recently? Share your experience with us.