Anwesha’s Candid Confession & Learnings on Shifting

I am sure you are still unsure about what to expect from this post which has been shared by Anwesha Chatterjee. We all know that home shifting is a complicated process which requires good planning and a mechanism to constantly track every aspects of the shifting. Anwesha has recently moved from Siliguri to Kolkata and here’s what she has learned and observed. During her move, she faced several issues and learned lots of lessons. Here’s the post she has shared with us.

Here’s what she observes:


Hiring a movers and packers company for  home shifting in India is really a wise decision. Well, I may sound a little abrupt but truly packing and moving is not my cup of tea.  It is a very complicated task to handle and track. Before you start packing, even the smaller things seem so larger. It takes all my blood and flesh converted into water while packing. So I’d rather love to stay in a safe side. I prefer to entrust this heavy task on a mover company. Because they are professionals and well trained. They know how to deal with each of the household items.  There are hell lots of tasks that has to be performed and tracked properly and that’s not easy, especially when you are not even sure of what you are doing.

Suppose you stay in Kolkata and you have to relocate your house to Delhi. Surely it would bring so much tension and worries. In any form whether it is residential, office relocation or corporate relocation will be an immediate and complex process. Complex because there will be innumerable unknown issues that will arise during moving your goods from one place to anther. Even it is possible that while moving your goods your precious goods can get a scratch or it can get severely damaged.  You can surely pack your things on your own, so that you can save money. But what if you yourself avail a truck which is of utterly bad condition?  Sending goods using a truck which is not well conditioned may take longer to reach its destination. The truck owner can claim extra money by be-fooling you.  These are the major problems that you have to face if you don’t hire a professional and reliable mover company while doing home shifting in India.

Now I will talk about the time. Time, is one of the most important aspects of our life. Time is like a tide and it waits for none. We are all aware of its fleeting value. If you ask me then I will say I have the value of time so I don’t want to violate my time digging up with packing things one by one, that too in an improper way. Such an irritable and time consuming work is not my forte. It is not that you can not pack your things, of course you can. But it will take enough time to make it perfect. You can not let your desired and costly furniture goes in vain by packing it in an improper way. Can you? You have others lot of duties to fulfill, other promises to keep. So that’s why you need the skilled and proficient hands. Packing is somewhat considered to be an art which can be resulted in a mess if it is done by the hand of a layman.

After specifying all the problems I think you won’t shoulder this heavy task on your own. Just buck up and search for the good mover and packer service providers.  As they are professionals they will not let you down. Remember it is their duty to pack all your items with extreme care and affection. These mover companies have efficient staff and labors that will complete this task in an organized way with in your given schedule. After packing all your goods properly they will move the packed goods to your new destination that is also under extreme shelter. Apart from the core service this companies will also unload your goods and rearrange them according to your plan.

Over to you

I am sure you get a starting point after reading this post. If you are planning to shift a house then just give it a serious thought and decide whether you can handle it all or you want to hire a professional home shifting and relocation service provider to help you. If you decide to hire then you can use this platform and get matched with handpicked and trusted service providers in no time and for free.