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What to Look for When Hiring Packers and Movers in India

Packing and moving of all of your household goods is nothing less than a stressful task given the complexities involved in shifting a house. Right from planning to finding best and most reliable moving service provider, it’s not going to be an easy ride.  Finding rightly placed packers and movers in India is not an easy task. Packers and movers industry is still operated by non tech-savvy service providers. But you know what, if you want to relocate your household materials safely then there is no alternate option other than engaging with a professionally managed relocation service provider who can get it right.

Even if it’s not all that hard to make a quick search on Google and come up with a long list of packers and movers in India, but finding one who you can rely up on is not going to be all that easy. You may argue that you can quickly build a list of some of the best packers movers companies in India and then choose one from the list after looking at their rates. But it doesn’t work that way. Rate is just one of the criteria, there are many more parameters and filters that you should consider and apply before taking a decision about hiring a mover.

Packers and Movers in India

In this post, we’ll be talking about those parameters based on which you can take a decision and feel good about which packers movers you have hired. So let’s look at all of them one by one. Are you ready?

Rates of packers movers in India

Rates and charges of moving companies  are not regulated officially. That means, movers and packers companies are going to charge you depending on your urgency, their efforts and above all based on the reputation that service providers have earned over a period of time. So if you take your list of goods to three different packers movers in India and ask them to quote their rates, you will be amazed to note that rates will vary anywhere from 10% to 40%.

So the point that I am trying to make is, you should always compare rates of packing and shifting services from at least three different relocation service providers before you take your final decision about hiring one of these shifting service providers.

Quality of shifting and relocation services

Even if all of the packers movers companies in India offer packing, shifting and storage services, there are many things that matters e.g. quality of packing materials, process of packing, value added services and so on. So even if all of the packers and movers companies that you are evaluating will offer same set of services, the difference lies in the quality.

I will make point using one example. Just imagine if your goods are packed with old packing materials, will it be safe or acceptable? What if they don’t pack your goods using water proof plastic sheets? Won’t this cost you much more if your goods get damaged during the transportation? So always get into the details before you decide and agree to engage a packers and movers service provider in India.

Credentials of packers and movers companies matter more than anything else in India

Demands of packers and movers service providers are growing by everyday in India. There are hundreds of service providers who help thousands of users every month in packing, shifting and relocation. There is hardly any barrier in starting a shifting and relocation business in India. Anyone with some good contact in the industry can start a packers and movers business, but as a consumer you have a challenging task ahead because you can’t rely on all of them.  It’s not like all movers starts with hundreds of branches, but then as a consumer you must ensure that you don’t end up with a mover who is not well connected and don’t have access to tools and resource which is required for packing and shifting of household goods.

Over to you

Comparing rates, profiles and quality of service providers is probably the best way forward. There are tons of relocation service provides out there in the market, but which one of them is well placed is what you should target for and deal with.

If you are planning to shift your home and wondering where to start and how to find trusted and reliable packers movers in India, then we can help you. Just tell us your relocation requirements to get started now. We’ll help you get connected with three different movers packers companies who can get it right.


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