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Furniture Moving: Here’s how to move furniture effortlessly

When someone says that packing and shifting of household goods is a complicated task to do it yourself, I am sure he was stuck with moving his/her furniture after delivery in his house. Unpacking and re-arranging of household goods and furniture is not less complicated in any ways. When you shift your house with the help of movers and packers companies, they can help you in re-arranging your furniture. But if you decided to not avail their unpacking and re-arranging services and rather save some money out of it then you are certainly up for a big challenge.

Moving and Shifting of household furniture requires lots of physical efforts and strength and it’s not going to be easy unless you hire a mover who has expertise in furniture shifting. Moving furniture from one side of your room to another is not always a cake walk. It demands some real physical effort from you. Just imagine how are you going to lift that king size deewan (bed) with a box for storage of goods from your living area to the bed room. There may be many such furniture items especially that old furniture that was left for you by your grandparents. It’s not going to be easy unless you know the tricks of the trade, right?

Furniture Moving

I am here’s to help you and I will let you know how you can move furniture in your house effortlessly. I am going to share some useful tips about furniture moving. So are you up for the challenge? I heard you saying yes. Let’s start.

Prepare before you start to move your furniture for re-arranging

When you hire a packers movers to shift your house, at time they put smaller items inside the cupboard or in a drawer. But when you are moving it within your house for arranging, you should make it empty. Not only it helps you reduce the weight, it will also help you ensure that nothing is getting damaged in the process. Also see if there is anything that can be disassembled because that way you can move it quite effortlessly. For rest of the pieces there are other techniques that you will learn as you read this post.

Furniture Moving is easier when you slide it, instead of lifting

Sliding is easier than lifting while moving furniture from one room to another. One of the biggest hurdles in moving furniture is to lift it. I mean it’s not possible for a man like you who spend most of his time in office probably working on a computer. If you lift heavy weight furniture then there is high chance of you ending up with a bad back pain. Don’t try to lift it unless you have to, but never lift furniture that is too weighty. But if you have to then keep your back as straight as you can hold weight on your legs instead of using shoulder or arms.

When sliding, you can use carpets or towels to slide it smoothly

Sliding furniture on bare floor may result in scratch and you may have to apply more force. So instead of sliding it that way, you can use carpets, towels or cardboard etc to reduce the friction between furniture and floors. When you reduce the friction, you can slide it nearly effortlessly.

So what’s better Pushing or pulling?

Usually pulling heavy weight furniture is much easier than pushing it. But most of the people do it otherwise instead of pulling they tend to push it. If you have someone who can assist you in moving furniture, then it’s good idea to pull from one side and push it from the other. Hold your furniture in your arm and push from this end while the other end is still on ground and someone can pull it from that end. Moving it all alone could not be that easy, but then that depends on your strength and on the furniture that you are moving.

It’s your turn now

Shifting and moving is challenging but once you get your household goods and furniture delivered, moving it inside your rooms for re-arranging is not going to that difficult if you follow right kind of moving techniques. Force is a good thing, but it should be applied with techniques. I sincerely hope you learned some good techniques about moving furniture.

Did you get such chance to move furniture? What was that one challenge? Do you have any lesson to share with us about moving furniture? Bring it on.