Decoding Quotation format of Packers and Movers in India

If you are planning to move your house and you are unsure about rates and charge of packers and movers companies then you are not alone. We often receive calls from users who are confused about rates and charges of packers and movers for home shifting services. So here in this post, I am going to decode a standard quotation that you are most likely to get when hiring a movers and packers.

Here are some of the most commonly used cost heads in quotation format of packers and movers companies in India. Let’s decode it all.

quotation format of packers and movers

Transportation Charges: Transportation charges cover the costs of moving your packed household goods and appliances from your current house to your new house. Usually they do it on door to door basis. If in case your don’t have full load of materials, then movers and packers will load your goods in to a mini tempo or truck and transport it to a loading point or to their warehouse which is usually located outside the city.

Packing Charges: Before moving your goods, it has to be packed. Packing charges covers costs of packing materials plus labor charges to do actual packing of your household goods. It’s better to get your goods packed by professional movers, but some people do it of their own to keep moving costs lower.

Loading and Unloading Charges: Once your goods are packed, it has to be loaded in to a cargo truck so that it can be transported. And after reaching destination, it has to be unloaded. Loading and unloading charges covers that. Obviously depending on the volume of goods and floor of you house, this charge will vary.

Unpacking and Re-arranging Charges: Once your goods reach its destination, movers will unload it all from the truck and stack it in to your new house. If you want you can ask movers and packers to unpack and re-arrange everything in your new home by paying unpacking and re-arranging charges.

Escort Charges: If you want to send an escort then movers will charge you for that. It’s obviously optional and you may ignore this.

Octroi Charges: Kind of a tax, applicable in selective states in India. So ask clearly and ensure that this is valid for your move. It’s kind of a state charge, so depends on your source, destination and route.

Service Tax: This is applicable across all city and states in India. So you have to pay service tax because you are availing a service which is taxable under service tax laws. But for sure, you should check and ensure that the Service tax number is mentioned in the bill. if a mover has service tax no registered and he is paying service tax, only then they should apply this charge. Most of the movers have service tax registration, but if you are dealing with a mover who is new in the business, you should double check this.

Transit Insurance: this is again a good thing because your goods are getting insured for any kind of damage during transportation. Depending on the worth of goods that’s being transported, transit insurance will be charged. It’s good and for your safety, but be very specific and understand all terms and condition clearly from your mover.

Additional Trip Charge: Applicable in case of local shifting within a city or to a neighborhood. Local shifting is usually done using small or mini trucks. Additional trips may be required for transporting good which is not fitting in one truck. This is very rare, so just relax.

Miscellaneous Charges: usually above charges cover it all, but there could be some miscellaneous charges like labor charges, toll charges etc. You should ask your movers to explain it well and clarify.

Over to you

Of all those costs heads, Service Tax and Insurance charges is something that you should be double checking. Some time a mover may add service tax in bill, but they may not have registered for service tax registration.

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