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5 Cost Saving Tips on Home Shifting to Help You Save More

Packing and moving of all of your household goods is going to cost you a lot; that’s what you think and you are really concerned about it. But you know what; there are many ways to cut costs and still get relocated quite comfortably and within budget. If you are planning to sift your household and goods and wondering how to cut costs and save more, then just read on. I am going to share a few quick and simple tips to help you save more on home shifting charges. Check out these Cost Saving Tips on Home Shifting to save more and relocate in cost effective manner

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How to Move Household Furniture Safely in India

Packing and moving of household furniture like bed, sofa set, wooden dining table with glass top, wooden chairs, heavy central table with glass top is not easy. Especially when you decide to pack and move household furniture of your own without hiring a Packers and Movers company. There are many advantages of hiring a professionally trained and well equipped packers and movers company to move household furniture safely. But that’s not the only option you have, in fact with right kind of tools and access to labors, you can relocate your furniture without hiring a movers and packers as well.

If you are willing to learn and trying to experiment then you can obviously pack and move all of your furniture along with other household goods of your own. Even if some of these furniture like cupboard, steel almirah etc is heavy and can’t be moved alone, if you have some sort of support available from other family members, you may like to do it all without hiring packers and movers. Even if hiring a mover is always better than taking all this stress, with just a little bit of planning and preparation, you should be able to do it quite comfortably. Continue reading

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Do it Yourself Packing Tips For Smooth Shifting

Home shifting is a really complicated process and you have to go through different circumstances during your move. You have to find answers of so many questions and ought to co-ordinate with different types of people. But one of the most important questions that you have to answer is “Whether to hire a mover to handle the entire packing and shifting assignment or you should do it yourself”. Of course you can hire a professionally managed and specialist packers and movers service provider company to help you in packing and shifting.

Hiring a professional mover is always better, because except usual supervision, you don’t have to be concerned about anything else as far as the packing and transportation is concerned. But you can save some extra money by doing it yourself. When you hire a mover, they are going to bill you for everything. But since packing is one of the most vital process, if you can do it yourself that is pack all your goods, you will be able easily save good amount of money.

I am assuming, you want to save some extra money on packing and moving and you are planning to do it yourself.  Let’s pack everything first and then we will find a trucking company or a mover to handle rest of the process. Here are some do it yourself packing tips to help you get started. Continue reading

How to Pack Kitchen Items for Moving: Packing Tips

When you think of shifting your home with all your household goods, getting all your household materials delivered to your new home in safe and sound condition without any damage is one of the biggest matters of concern for you. You know what you can do about it? Simply have plan in place and do good quality packing of all your goods and items. I’ll be talking about how to pack kitchen items for moving in more detail in this post.

We have written tons of posts on how to pack and move your home in the past on this relocation blog, but this post is to talk about packing your kitchen. Kitchen items requires extra precaution and special packing because most of the items of your kitchen are fragile in nature and it could get damaged quite easily even with a small little bit of collision.

This post is to give you a fair idea of how to plan, prepare and pack your kitchenware for safe and secured shifting. I am going to guide you step by step and help you get it right. Continue reading

Household Packing and Shifting

How to Unpack After Moving to a New House

Home shifting is a complicated process, right from searching packers and movers to finally hiring one to handle packing and shifting requires lots of patience and attention. Even if there are many essential processes in a typical home shifting, unpacking is one of the most difficult and tiring process. Let me tell you why I think so; because generally you are excited enough during packing and shifting because you are moving to a new home. You are also excited because there is high chance of shifting to a better and a bigger home. While packing all your essentials goods and articles, no matter how much attention you pay, there are chances of putting something in a box and then struggling to find it.

Also you are likely to feel tired after going through exhaustive process of packing and moving to your new home. Packers and movers companies also offer unpacking and rearranging services, but some time you feel like doing it yourself and save some extra rupees.

Here in this post, I am going to help you through the process and let you know how to unpack after moving to a new house. Following a proper sequence that is essential to non-essential will always be great, but you should not restrict yourself to this list exactly in same order because each relocation is different and so are your priorities and circumstances. Continue reading

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Do you really need Movers and Packers for Home Shifting?

Usually when you think of relocating your household goods, the very first thought that come to your mind is to find a packers and movers’ service provider who could get all your goods packed and moved in safe and convenient manner.

Pause for a minute and ask yourself; do you really need a Movers and Packers service provider for packing and shifting of your goods?

Why I am asking you to ask this question yourself? Because we often receive requests from people who want to shift two briefcases full of clothes or one cartoon of books. Really? Do you think a Movers and packers company can help you?

No I say. Availing services of packers and movers could really save lots of hassles and it’s probably one of the best ways to go about it, but not for packing and shifting of a couple of box weighing approx 30Kgs or so. Continue reading

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5 Mistakes to avoid During Domestic Shifting in India

Home Shifting is not easy and if you don’t plan and get it right then there is high chance of ending up in a mess. Even a little bit of mistake could cost you both physical and financial loss as well as lots of mental stress. So what are those common mistakes and why you should not make these mistakes during domestic shifting of household goods and articles? I am going to identify each of these mistakes which are certainly going to help you understand and prepare in better ways. So what are those common mistakes that you should be avoiding while shifting home in India?

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Infographics – Top 10 Reasons to Hire Packers and Movers for Home Shifting

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Process of packing

Top 3 Benefits of Hiring Packers and Movers

Home shifting and relocation requires lots of planning, preparation and co-ordination. If you are planning to shift your home without hiring packers and movers service providers then I advise you to read through this post.

Now matter how sure you are, but shifting your home without hiring a packers and movers is not going to be an easy task at your hand. You are busy and have lots of other task to address. Even if you ensure that you will take out some time from your busy schedule, it won’t be an easy ride.

Just ask yourself some quick and simple questions.

  • How are you going to pack your goods?
  • From where are going to purchase or arrange the packing materials and in what volume?
  • What if you end up buying more packing materials that is actually required?
  • What if you run out of packing materials?
  • Where to hire truck and what size?
  • Where to find labor, especially after reaching the destination for unloading?

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Car transportation services

How to do Car Transportation with Car Transporters

Car Transportation or car relocation is the process of shifting your car from one city to another. Shifting could be within India or abroad (International car shipping and transportation). I am limiting this post to car transportation within India and going to talk about the process, costs and many other things. If you are planning to shift your car from one city to another, within India then read through.

Car is probably one of the most precious belonging and you are very much attached to it. You cannot tolerate even a little bit of scratch on the body of your car. Isn’t it? I know it is. So when you plan to shift your car and distance between your city and the destination is way too much, then you should hire a car transporter (car transportation service provider company).


But if you simply search on Google, you will find there are hundreds of car transporter and car relocation companies out there. But when it comes to hiring one of these car transportation companies, you have to analyze them well and understand the entire process well. When you know the process of car transportation, it’s going to be really easy and simple enough to know which car carrier company looks better for your requirements. Continue reading