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Packing of fragile items

10 Things to Remember when Packing Kitchen Items

Packing kitchen items for moving it without involving a packers and movers service provider is not going to be easy. Most of the kitchen appliances are fragile in nature and it must be packed very carefully before you move it. I am sure you are literally scared to pack these kitchen items because you want to ensure that it can be moved without any damage. Kitchen utensils are usually of different shapes and types like glass, china, fiber etc. Some of them are there lying needlessly on the shelf, possibly you have forgotten about them and these items may require proper cleaning before you pack them. Continue reading

packing electronic goods

How to Pack Electronics for moving it safely in India

We are living in a world where electrical goods and items have become an integral part of our living and lifestyle. We can’t do without TV, Fridge, Washing Machines, Home Theater, PCs, Laptops and several other types of electrical goods and appliances. Obviously, when you decide to shift your home, you get concerned about packing and relocation of these goods in safe and sound condition, especially when you plan to move of your own.

Packing is one of the most important aspects of overall shifting and you can’t get it right unless you have a solid plan in place. This post is to help you understand it all and teach you about how to get it right. Here’s how to Pack Electronics for moving it safely during home shifting in India. Continue reading


Safety Checklist to hire Packers and movers in India

Let’s face it. Shifting your entire household goods is not going to be easy. You have to go through hell lots of issues, right from calling packers and movers companies for rates and estimates to finally scheduling your move and getting your goods delivered; expect different kind of issues. Some time you will feel like confused due to lack of substantial information about packers and movers and other times they are unreachable on phone.

But that’s what reality is. No one has control over the driver who may have to go to his village because his wife is pregnant and has to be admitted in the hospital. After all they are also human being.

Obviously your delivery may get delayed by a day or two because a replacement for the drive has to be arranged. But imagine going through such situation, you are trying hard to reach out to the mover and he is not taking your call. It happens at times but then which packers and movers service provider you engage with make all the difference.

Please, I am not trying to scare you; all I am trying to do is explain you what kind of uncertainty is awaiting ahead. But fortunately there is something which you can do about it and that’s what I am going to talk about in this post. Continue reading


Essential Safety Tips for Home Shifting in India

While shifting home, safety and affordability are two main concerns, isn’t it? I mean who would not like to get all of his household goods and appliances moved from one city to another or even in same city from one locality to another in safe and sound condition and within budget? But even if you hire professionally trained packers and movers companies, you got to be careful and supervise everything for your own satisfaction and to ensure that things are getting executed in proper way.

Even a little bit of mistake or human error could cost a lot both financially and emotionally because you shift your home, you are actually carrying all your emotions and memories with you, so safety can’t be ignores. If you are planning to shift your home and wondering how to ensure safe and secured delivery of your goods then here’s the post where I am going to share some very useful safety tips that could help you while moving and shifting your home. Check out these essential safety tips for home shifting in India, irrespective of whether you are doing it yourself or you have a hired a professional packers and movers service provider. Continue reading

Packing of fragile items

How to Pack Glassware for Moving it Safely

Packing any of the household materials requires good attention because even a little bit of human error or mistake can cost you dearly. But when you are packing glassware and other fragile materials then you should be extra cautious and ensure that everything is packed properly in small sized boxes using good quality packing paper and bubble wraps. Proper packing for each of the materials to be moved is equally important, packing of your lovely glassware needs extra attention and care. Glassware could get damaged quite easily even with a little hard collision during transportation and thus proper packing of glassware is very important.

Here’s a few useful tips and to help you get started with packing of glassware and other fragile items. These packing tips are going to be very helpful especially if you are shifting of your own and you have decided not to hire a packers and movers service provider to help you. Continue reading

Home Shifting Checklist

Importance of Insurance in Packing and Shifting of a House

Thanks to those professional Packers and Movers who can help you in shifting your home. Even searching Moving companies is quite easy these days. But secure delivery of goods is equally important. No matter how professional your moving company is, but no one can avoid the chances of mishaps, flood, fire, accident etc

Not to worry, solution is to hire a professional Packers and Movers company and ask them to insure your goods before moving. Most of the Moving companies assist you in buying insurance policies for your goods. At times People tend to believe that they can do without buying insurance and this was they can save some money, but trust me, ideally you should insure your goods before moving. You have no control over the climate and the environment. An accident can take place at any time on the way. Just imagine the cost of your valuable goods. There area few items that is not covered in the insurance like money, currency, jewelry, interior appliances, televisions, stereos, furniture Continue reading