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Packing of fragile items

10 Things to Remember when Packing Kitchen Items

Packing kitchen items for moving it without involving a packers and movers service provider is not going to be easy. Most of the kitchen appliances are fragile in nature and it must be packed very carefully before you move it. I am sure you are literally scared to pack these kitchen items because you want to ensure that it can be moved without any damage. Kitchen utensils are usually of different shapes and types like glass, china, fiber etc. Some of them are there lying needlessly on the shelf, possibly you have forgotten about them and these items may require proper cleaning before you pack them. Continue reading

Home Shifting Services

Ultimate Guide For Home Shifting in India

Home shifting is one of the most essential services which is offered by movers and packers companies in India. When you get transferred to a different city, obviously you have to get all your essential household goods like TV, fridge, washing machines, kitchen utensils and other appliances packed and transported to that new city, its called domestic shifting in India. But when you just change your house while staying in same city, that’s called as local home shifting. Naturally home shifting (either local or domestic) is a complicated process that requires lots of efforts and expertise. Household goods have to be packed very carefully and then loaded on to a truck for safer transportation and relocation. Obviously it’s not going to be an easy ride for you unless you engage a professional service provider who can get it right.

Packing of household goods and appliances is just one part and then comes loading it in to a truck and getting it transported. Obviously depending on your needs and value of goods, you ought to buy insurance for your own safety. Further once your goods reach its destination, it has to be unloaded, unpacked and re-arranged in your new home after a successful home shifting.

Sounds like too much of work? It is. But fortunately there are packers and movers companies who offer affordable home shifting services in India. They take care of all of these activities which involves in shifting of a home along with all of your household goods and appliances. Continue reading

Household Goods Moving

Shifting Household Goods? 5 Ways of Ending in a Mess

Just because you hired a movers and packers service providers who claims to be the best in moving household goods, you think that all is done and your goods will be packed and delivered on time? Think again, seriously. When it’s about safety of your goods, even a small human error could cost you. So right from finding movers and packers companies to move your household goods, to looking after each and every process that your mover is going to carry will be crucial.

But you know what, if you know the process and pay some attention you can easily avoid getting in to a mess. Are you making some of these mistakes? Let’s check it out.

Continue reading

after the shifting

Moving to a New House? Here’re the essential things to do

Enough has been written about how to pack and move your household goods safely. We have published so many checklists, how to tips and what not. But this post is going to be very different because it’s less about to shift and more about how to prepare and what is to be done to ensure your new home is ready for you to move and get settled in.

There are hell lots of things that you will be taking care of. Right from finding movers and packers to organizing and scheduling everything and finally getting your goods transported and delivered to your new house. But there are certain essential things that should be looked in to before you start unpacking and settling down in your new sweet home. Here in this post I am going to talk about those essential things. So are you ready? Let’s get to the point then. Continue reading

packing electronic goods

How to Pack Electronics for moving it safely in India

We are living in a world where electrical goods and items have become an integral part of our living and lifestyle. We can’t do without TV, Fridge, Washing Machines, Home Theater, PCs, Laptops and several other types of electrical goods and appliances. Obviously, when you decide to shift your home, you get concerned about packing and relocation of these goods in safe and sound condition, especially when you plan to move of your own.

Packing is one of the most important aspects of overall shifting and you can’t get it right unless you have a solid plan in place. This post is to help you understand it all and teach you about how to get it right. Here’s how to Pack Electronics for moving it safely during home shifting in India. Continue reading

Home Shifting

Do it Yourself Packing Tips For Smooth Shifting

Home shifting is a really complicated process and you have to go through different circumstances during your move. You have to find answers of so many questions and ought to co-ordinate with different types of people. But one of the most important questions that you have to answer is “Whether to hire a mover to handle the entire packing and shifting assignment or you should do it yourself”. Of course you can hire a professionally managed and specialist packers and movers service provider company to help you in packing and shifting.

Hiring a professional mover is always better, because except usual supervision, you don’t have to be concerned about anything else as far as the packing and transportation is concerned. But you can save some extra money by doing it yourself. When you hire a mover, they are going to bill you for everything. But since packing is one of the most vital process, if you can do it yourself that is pack all your goods, you will be able easily save good amount of money.

I am assuming, you want to save some extra money on packing and moving and you are planning to do it yourself.  Let’s pack everything first and then we will find a trucking company or a mover to handle rest of the process. Here are some do it yourself packing tips to help you get started. Continue reading

Packing and Moving

Do you really need Movers and Packers for Home Shifting?

Usually when you think of relocating your household goods, the very first thought that come to your mind is to find a packers and movers’ service provider who could get all your goods packed and moved in safe and convenient manner.

Pause for a minute and ask yourself; do you really need a Movers and Packers service provider for packing and shifting of your goods?

Why I am asking you to ask this question yourself? Because we often receive requests from people who want to shift two briefcases full of clothes or one cartoon of books. Really? Do you think a Movers and packers company can help you?

No I say. Availing services of packers and movers could really save lots of hassles and it’s probably one of the best ways to go about it, but not for packing and shifting of a couple of box weighing approx 30Kgs or so. Continue reading


How to Get Rid of Extra Stuff While Shifting your Home?

Home shifting should be done with proper planning. It requires a lot of attention and preparations to shift your precious household goods safely without any damage. Its unlikely that you are going to do the packing and moving by yourself and chances are that you assume hiring a professional packers and movers service provider company is all that you need.

Well, you may be right. A professional shifting and relocation company (packers and movers as they are called in India) will take care of shifting of each and every item that you ask for. But you know packing, loading, transporting, unloading all of these takes effort and the movers and packers company is going to give you a long list of itemized bill for this.

So what’s the solution? Get your inventory right. Make sure to check, recheck and check it again to ensure you are not asking packers and movers to pack and move anything that is unwanted or not in use or in usable condition anymore. Continue reading


5 Mistakes to Avoid While Shifting Your Home in India

Home shifting requires a lot of planning and preparations, because there are many small tit bits involved in it. Right from searching and finding moving companies, to getting your goods packed, transported, unloaded, unpacked and re-arranged, it takes lots of attention and careful efforts to make it smooth.

As because there are several tasks that must be handled well, there is high chance of error and that’s the point of discussion today in my post. Here are the five ways to get your home shifting wrong.


No planning and preparations in advance

Needless to say that proper planning and preparation is the key to a smooth shifting and relocation of your household goods, car or anything else.

Planning helps you create a detailed plan for everything. Right from scheduling the date by which you should be finalizing a packers and movers to scheduling dates of packing, transporting, unloading etc.

When you have time, you can analyze and plan everything properly. But when you don’t have enough time in your hand and you are in hurry, you will feel stressed and even end-up paying more. No matter whether you are hiring a mover or packing it yourself, when you have time in your hand, you will be able to do it well. Rushing at the last moment could be terrible and so you should start planning early.

You need to take a call on whether you actually want to hire a packers and movers or not? If you are not planning to hire a packers and movers for your shifting, then are you really sure that you will be able to do it yourself? If so, from where are you going to find labor and packing materials?

Preparation is to prepare the list of goods that you want to pack and get transported (shifted). Unless you have a detailed list, you won’t be able to take a decision as whether to do it yourself or hire a shifting and relocation company. If you decide to hire a relocation company then you need to have a list of goods so that you can talk to the movers and packers and get estimates.

Underestimating he complexity and doing it yourself

As I said above, there are lots of small but important tasks involved in a shifting. You may be convinced that you will be able to get it packed and moved yourself, and it is not like denting the universe. Of course you can get your goods packed and moved yourself, but you should evaluate everything thrice and then take a call.

Packers and movers service provider companies handle shifting everyday and they have much more experience and expertise than you have. They can buy packing materials much cheaper than you because they buy in bulk. So are you really sure you want to do it yourself. If yes, then go ahead and get ready to handle the stress of buying packing materials and hiring trucks and labors.

Hiring packers and movers without comparing

When after analyzing every aspect of your home shifting when you have decided to hire a trustworthy and reliable packers and movers company, you should spend some time and compare a few movers and packers companies before finalizing one.

By comparing I am not saying compare only the price, rather you should be collecting all types of information about a few companies. Evaluate them all and then take a decision.

Hundreds of new packers and movers companies are mushrooming every year and of course you cannot trust them all. Starting a packers and movers business is not that difficult and thus its is important that you pay attention to every detail that you can gather and only when you are 100% satisfied with a company, you decide to hire them.

Shifting without buying insurance

No matter whether you have decided to do your shifting by yourself or you are planning to hire Packers and Movers or a Home Shifting Company, buying adequate insurance for your goods is very important and it must be in the top of your priorities.

No one can guarantee that a box will fall while your labors are loading or unloading it. An accident could take place anytime and no one can ensure that there won’t be any damage. So it’s better to pay a little and buy insurance policy. Your goods are important and it must reach safely, but in case of any mishappening, you should be able to claim your policy.

Finally, not hiring an specialist

Packers and Movers offer complete shifting and relocation services. By complete service, I mean to say any kind of shifting and relocation, be it a bike, car, household goods, home appliances, furniture, industrial goods, shop or an office.

Also there are different types of shifting, broadly speaking, it could be a local shifting, car relocation, domestic shifting or an international shifting.

So the point I am trying to make is, it is very important that you hire a specialist shifting company depending on your requirements. If you are planning for a local shifting, you should hire a specialist local packers and movers and similarly when you are planning to move a car, you should hire car carriers service provider.

To conclude, your goods and possessions are priceless. So you better spend some time and avoid these above mistakes and employ the best moving agency for your shifting to make it a joyful, safe and fun experience.

Do you think there is other major concern one should look at? Feel free to share your experience of home shifting with us.

Packing a house

Here’s How to Plan and Schedule for Home Shifting

When you have to pack and move your home from one city to another require, a little bit of planning and proper scheduling of activities can make lots of difference in home shifting. Proper planning and scheduling ensure you move safely and smoothly. There will be tons of items, some of them will be very important and some of them not that important and few of them could get damaged quite easily during loading, unloading or transpiration. I am going to share a few tips that will help you plan and schedule your move. Continue reading