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Furniture Moving: Here’s how to move furniture effortlessly

When someone says that packing and shifting of household goods is a complicated task to do it yourself, I am sure he was stuck with moving his/her furniture after delivery in his house. Unpacking and re-arranging of household goods and furniture is not less complicated in any ways. When you shift your house with the help of movers and packers companies, they can help you in re-arranging your furniture. But if you decided to not avail their unpacking and re-arranging services and rather save some money out of it then you are certainly up for a big challenge.

Moving and Shifting of household furniture requires lots of physical efforts and strength and it’s not going to be easy unless you hire a mover who has expertise in furniture shifting. Moving furniture from one side of your room to another is not always a cake walk. It demands some real physical effort from you. Just imagine how are you going to lift that king size deewan (bed) with a box for storage of goods from your living area to the bed room. There may be many such furniture items especially that old furniture that was left for you by your grandparents. It’s not going to be easy unless you know the tricks of the trade, right? Continue reading

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How to Pack and Load Furniture in a Truck for Moving

Are you planning to pack and move to a different city with all your household Goods like Furniture, Home Appliances and all other materials? While packing and loading of small items or something that can be packed within a box is simple, but packing your furniture require lots of planning and expertise.

You may have furniture that can be disassembled and others are fixed. Like these days we have computer table that can be very much opened, folded, and packed inside a BAG, but it may not be possible for a big Showcase or a Wardrobe.

So packing these furniture and loading it in good order is very important else these furniture may get damaged and it may also damage other cartoon/boxes while in transit. Continue reading